Travel Vacations – Want to Explore a Well-Kept Secret? Scuba Diving Catalina Island | Travel vacation

When it comes to California vacations, we often think of nothing more than sunny Los Angeles. Yes, Los Angeles is a great place to visit, but how would you like to explore a well-kept secret? That well-kept secret is just off the coast of California and it is known as Santa Catalina Island. There is so much to do and see, including scuba diving Catalina.Here are the Top 3 things you can enjoy on Catalina Island:1 – Scuba Diving off Catalina IslandCatalina is often referred to as a scuba diver’s paradise. Why is this? It is home to some great diving locations, including the Avalon Underwater Park. For many weekend warriors, it is just easier to head to a more accessible location than a far off destination. This means three important things to you: no damage has been done to natural resources, prices are affordable, and dives are less crowded. What you will find is beautiful beaches, pristine kelp forests, and pleura of marine life.2 – Glass Bottom Boat ToursI recommend scuba diving at Catalina, but I know not all of us have an adventurous side. If you are one of those individuals, your next best option is a glass bottom boat tour. With clean and clear waters, you might be surprised how far you can see down. While the excitement is not as a great as it is with scuba diving, it is more than satisfying.3 – The Catalina CasinoNow you might gather from the name that the Catalina casino is a gambling establishment. This is a common mistake. The establishment’s name was derived from the Italian definition of casino, which means a social gathering place. The Casino alone is a great vacation destination and activity due to its beautiful architecture. Inside, you will find a number of must-visits including the theater and the Santa Catalina Museum.Visiting the Catalina Casino, taking a glass bottom boat tour, and scuba diving Catalina Island are just three of your endless choices. Honestly, it does not matter what time of the year you visit Santa Catalina Island or the reason for that visit; you will have plenty of things to do and see.